About us

Care Home Rubbish is a UK based business, specializing in supplying leading and revolutionary devices that allow Care / Nursing homes, to save money and improve hygiene.

Our devices and products are able to save thousands of pounds a year on waste management collection. The INKO)(naut Vacuum device, is able to shink and seal clear vacuum bags and shrink these bags by up to 60%. As most care facilities pay for their waste by volume, a 60% reduction per month in waste management collection costs can be achieved.

Because the bags are sealed, the bacteria and pathogens that are associated with care home waste, are securely locked in place. Meaning, no bad smells improved Hygiene and less risk of cross-contamination.

In addition to the Vacuum Device, we also offer glass crushers, food to greywater products, and sustainable / environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Contact us with any questions and or comments. Quotes are supplied totally no obligation. We ship worldwide.