Modular Vacuum System

Having supplied the MARInaut device to just under 40 Superyachts, ranging from 30m to over 140m, I have come across many Superyachts that struggle for space to install new machinery. This has led the manufacture and I to investigate the technical challenges of producing a modular version of the device.

Following months of research and development it is with great pleasure, to confirm the launch of the Modular version of the INKOnaut device.

The separation of the main body of the machine means that this can be placed behind a wall, in a void space and or in a cabinet in a kitchen or elsewhere.

With the main control panel being behind a wall, the device can be operated using the simple push button, to start the vacuum process.

I would recommend that the main housing of the device is installed with access to the machine. This will allow for any software changes or hygiene filter exchanges, these need swapping after 1000 operations.

Manufactured in Germany the INKOnaut vacuum device has been designed to assist staff in care homes of all sizes. The device is able to assist with the age old issue of on-site garbage management.

The product is a simple patented vacuum system that reduces and seals PA/PE bags by up to 50% and holds in all smells, liquids and even food waste. Wall mounted or available on wheels, the product is currently being supplied to care homes of all sizes.

Not all care homes have problems with garbage management, but the ones that do, have recurring issues and challenges. Problems can include on-site storage, handling, smells and spillage which can lead to unhygienic bacterial build up.

In addition to garbage management, the vacuum device is also able to assist staff. Interior goods such as bedding, towels and table linen can be reduced in size and stored safely in the vacuum bags when not in use.

The product is available within 2-3 weeks from order. Feel free to take a look at the device in operation via the youtube video below. Please contact me for further information.

The World’s most efficient waste management system

Care home waste on site effectively managed and controlled

Gone are the days of annoying odours and infection risks resulting from waste on site that cannot be disposed for days or weeks. The innovative INKOnaut vacuum system enables all kind of regular waste in a carehome to be effectively isolated and disposed for days or weeks.

Staff and residents will all benefit from a clean and pleasant environment in the care home.

Elimination of odours and germs

Safe storage and transportation in the kitchen

Benefits to the environment
Protection for staff and residents

The INKOnaut vacuum system

Sets the high standard benchmark for the disposal of regular and contaminated waste on site.

Once the system is installed this modern high-performance system seals the waste material, while the hygiene filter prevents odours and germs from escaping. The living and working environment remains unpolluted, clean and odourless.

Economic waste disposal by optimizing space

Typically the cost of final waste disposal from a care home cn be extremely high as waste disposal is usually being charged by volume. The use of INKOnaut vacuum system however leads to a halving of the volume of care home waste. This means a considerable cost saving of waste disposal on many sites.

Special vacuum bags for marine waste disposal

Regular waste in a care home is being collected in special vacuum bags that allow safe storage of waste in a vacuum. The bags to be used are made of compound films from PE/PA. The ultimate strength and tightness for most kind of waste are guaranteed by the thickness of the film material (160µ), the composition of two different film materials (PE/PA) and a double sealing line.

Click on the below video to see the INKOnaut device in operation

More Features

Easy to use

Easy to Operate

Low Maintenance

Product dimensions

Size of INKOnaut with Wall Fixing
All measurements in millimetres

Overall width 740mm  |  Overall height 705mm  |  Overall depth 445mm